Mika knows what’s on your mind! Or if not, you can play with her by talking about all the existing types of sex

Did you know that vaginal penetration can be replaced by penetration between the breasts, buttocks, or thighs? Well, when it comes to sex, you can never say you’ve seen or tried them all. There will always be new experiences waiting to be crossed off the list.

Few activities are as pleasurable as love. But these moments of intimacy, in addition to making us happy, can benefit us in many ways, improving our mood, improving the state of our immune system, and reducing the negative effects of stress.

Of course, how these relationships come about depends on the type of sex we’re used to having.

Ooook, let’s now learn more about love and the countless ways you and your partner can get each other ecstatic.

  1. Anal sex

Anal is increasingly popular among young people. According to studies, more than 20% of girls between the ages of 18 and 19 have tried anal at least once, and 40% of women between 20 and 24 have been persuaded by their boyfriends to practice it. Done right, this type of sex can give both partners incredible sensations. And that’s because the anus is “endowed” with erogenous zones. It contains many nerves that can cause pleasure when stimulated.

Why do men like anal so much? Well, the main reason is that this area is less accessible to them, and that makes it more desirable. In addition, the rectum is narrower than the vagina, and this causes them greater pleasure.

In order not to endanger your health or that of your partner, it is recommended to use a condom. Don’t forget the lubricant either, to make penetration easier.

  1. Inter-breast

Sex between the breasts or inter-breast can be part of the foreplay or it can be a variant of love without penetration, ideal for “delicate” days. It can also be an option for sex in cases where you want to avoid pregnancy or transmitted diseases. The good news is that breast size doesn’t matter in this situation, small and naughty or big and voluptuous, they are perfect for a match of inter-breast.

If you are willing to experiment, find that the most comfortable position, recommended for beginners, is the one where you sit on your back, lying down, or with a pillow under your back for more comfort, while your partner sits on top and imitates the penetration movements with the penis between your breasts, which you hold close with your hands.

  1. Sadomasochism

Sadomasochism is a practice in which there is a dominator and a person who takes a submissive role. Masochistic practice often involves pain and there are a number of toys that can be purchased to make this sexual experience much more intense.

Sadomasochism can be difficult for many people to understand, but it is very important to remember that it is not a form of abuse. What is sadomasochism? An unusual sexual practice experienced by people who adore extreme love.

  1. Bondage sex

Bondage sex involves getting excited and reaching orgasm, alone or with your partner, with objects that squeeze, hit lightly, or tickle.

The first rule for enjoying bondage is to have limited movement. Rightly so, you think that you can bond with almost anything around the house, but NO. If you want to experience the original bondage, use ropes/strings made of fine materials or handcuffs made of plastic/down/textile material. Even in shops, you can find the so-called Japanese rope for bondage.

  1. In three

A trio is a form of liberal love characterized by the fact that during the sexual act three people participate, and not two as in a conventional way. There are individuals who believe that this is an incorrect way to make love and even makes people less worthy, although this is entirely to do with each person’s morals.

  1. Orgy

If the trio is practiced between three people when more than three people participate what is known as an orgy takes place. In the orgy, there is an exchange of sexual partners.

  1. Exchange of partners

Swinging is a type of love-making where couples agree to have sex with members of other couples. There are places where it is possible to do this practice.

Do you want to experiment in bed? Here are some indecent things that Mika advises you to try with your partner

You want to experiment more sexually, but you don’t know if your lover will agree to it. Don’t give up on the idea just for fear that he won’t have a positive reaction. Even if everything happens in the bedroom, it would be advisable to start the discussion about your sexual desires outside of it.

That way, you don’t put as much pressure on your partner when you ask him to step out of his comfort zone for new sexual experiences. You need to relax and maybe even have a drink together, to get rid of inhibitions.

Since it’s sex, you both need to be on the same page when making such an important decision. It helps a lot to discuss in advance what you’re going to do and how it’s going to go, so you know sure how much you will push the limits. Even if you want to try a lot more, it’s not a good idea to rush and experience everything in one go.

  1. If you have long hair, play with the strands on his chest and abdomen. This will get him thinking about oral sex, so you know what to do next.
  2. Purchase a clitoris vibrator with remote control. Place the vibrator strategically and give him the remote control. Finally, your clitoris is getting the attention it deserves!
  3. When you’re in the bedroom, ready for action, stop undressing in a hurry. If you’re too shy to give him a number of stripteases, then sit on top of him while he’s lying down and very slowly remove his blouse and bra.
  4. You can complete the trick above with this one: let him look at you while you touch your breasts. Take them in your palms and draw circles around the nipple. The image will entice him to enter the game as well.
  5. Nail heels and red lips: a winning combination in his eyes!
  6. While he is standing, sneak up behind him and lightly bite his back while touching his private area.
  7. When you kiss him, caress his arms gently. Run your fingers up and down his arms and slide your fingers between his.
  8. Ask your lover to take a seat. Tie her hands behind her back with a scarf and offer her a dance.. more intimate or a game of oral sex.
  9. During the sexual act, gently pull his hair, scratch his back and grab his rear firmly, for more intimate contact! He will love to see you take the initiative in such a determined way.
  10. When you are in the doggie-style position, use one hand to create a V near your private area. In this way, you stimulate your clitoris, and he sees the gesture of your hand as an invitation to penetrate you.

This is how you should behave with your lover if he proposes something new to you in private

If your lover is the one who suggests you put into practice sexual taboos, treat him as you would want him to treat you if you were in his place. Don’t laugh, don’t judge, and don’t avoid the subject, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Moreover, if you don’t like his idea at all, don’t refuse him and that’s it, it’s healthier for your relationship to propose an alternative that makes you feel good too.

A discussion about sex never hurts. Especially when he is with Mika – the craziest woman when it comes to sex. Curious? Click to see it!

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