I said I was born again

About three o’clock we returned to his place and Marie brought out the cognac.

Roy said, “A barrel of whiskey and a good drink would be more appropriate for this bog.”

“All right, boys, you’ve got the brandy, let me think,” and as I thought, Mother and Mary laughed as they saw the shorthand come out and the balls of paper hit the floor like rain. Marie and Mary took the balls and looked at each other shaking their heads and said, “He can’t, he wouldn’t.”

I finished and went back to the table. Mary said, “My husband, you can’t, we’re going to be famous, but not in a good way.”

I said, “I’m open to ideas.”

Everyone was quiet and then I said, “I suggest to Roy that you find a judge who will listen to this in confidence.”

Yes, but then he cannot be involved in making decisions about this case.”

Okay, first exhume my body and finish the DNA with the results given to the highest court in the land.

Second, all major religions test DNA.

Then have my wife registered as not the mother using the DNA information.

Roy said: “But she’s not your biological mother, but she raised you, changed your nappies, bandaged your scraped knees, sat by your bed, nursed you from childhood ailments. All this gives her the right to be called your mother. This is no different than adopting you.

I said, “Roy, you’re right, this is a really interesting situation. We all know here that she is my wife, but as you pointed out, she is also my mother.”

Roy said: “Let’s think it through, we all need time to think about the best way to proceed.

With that we postponed our meeting because it lasted all day. Roy left and I kissed my wife passionately, our parents saw this and decided they should leave too. Mary and I ordered food for dinner. He arrived and after we ate we made love and Mary said when we were done, “How are we going to get through this?”


“My love, well, nothing in this world can tear us apart, we were meant to be forever with each other, me being here with you is proof of that.”

Everyone have something to said

As we lay caressing her beautiful body and pecked each other for kisses, I fell asleep. The next morning when I woke up, I felt these delicious lips sucking my cock. When I was hard, she moved up and positioned my cock in her love hole and started riding my hard shaft. Just before the sleep moved from my eyes, I heard her moan and then another moan with a different slant next to me. My eyes opened and there was my mother riding me and fingering Mary. The mother said, “Damn you bastard, I’m so excited and I want my son so badly.”

Mary said, “Marie’s keeping some for me, to whom I’m his mother, and I want him like a bastard too.”

Hearing this, I emptied my jizz inside my mother and she came screaming: “God, she was fabulous, you are the best wretched mother my son and my daughter you deserve this, I know you want.”

Mary squirmed, moaning so hard she couldn’t speak coherently and shot her cum juice spraying high into the air. As she sprinkled, mom said, “Look, my little whore, you love this, don’t you?”

Mary grabbed it. Marie pulled her off me and lay on top of Marie missionary style. That made for me I was hard as a rock and I climbed over the two of them holding them in place.

My cock slid into Mary and I pulled her hard hitting her deeper than ever before I pulled out and she whimpered and I came in mom slamming it into her she moaned and turned to hit her on Mary. I continued this alternating back and fourth. They were both calling me a bastard and begging for my cock.

Mary came the first one screaming, “Mother of the devil, I’m yours.” Then Marie came off but she couldn’t move with Mary and my weight on her. Mary said, “Fuck you whore with our son’s cock,” and all Mom could do was lay there and experience this new experience. I failed by giving Mary two hard shots and then quickly pulled out and entered my mother giving her the rest. I rolled over then Mary rolled over me and I had a woman on each side who immediately started licking my shaft one on each side.

When they finished, I said, “What’s with this damn thing of my wife?” Mother and Mary were leaning on one elbow and Mary said:

“It’s like the lawyer said I’m your wife, we all know that, but I brought you up to the bathroom, you got dressed, you washed your little pea. I am your second mother. If you think about it, I buried my husband and your mother and raised you. Even though you are my ever-loving husband, I am an ever-loving wife and mother. Besides, you just pulled me and what do you call a son who fucks his mother?

Marie and Mary both had big smiles on their faces.

I laughed at their logic and told them where the ball shaped steno paper is must be a long way for you to figure out mom.

With that I immediately felt my dick twist. “Ouch what was that for?”

“That’s because I’m your wife now.”

“How should I know that?”

Mom laughingly said, “Son, that’s for you to figure out.”

We woke up showering and sitting in our robes when Mary’s best friend walked in. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the site.

Face crimson red and stammering she said, “Uh… um… I guess I should have knocked.”

Mary jumped up and threw her arms around her in an emotional hug and kissed her saying, “No, honey, but you’d better sit down.”

Jean looking dazed and shocked moved like a zombie while mom went to the cupboard and pulled out the cognac.

Mary said, “Jean, we’ve been together for ten years.”

Jean swallowed her brandy and said, “Yeah, and I thought you loved me, just me, not your son and mother-in-law, yeah, that’s just gross. Also, we’re supposed to be private, not this,” and she started to cry.

Mary got up and went to hug her and said, “Leave me alone, I don’t want to see you ever again and went to get up.

I said, “Honey, don’t even give him a chance to explain that I thought my wife had more taste than that.”

Jean was on her way to the door when she stopped in her tracks, looked at me, then Jean, then me and her mouth. Mary led her back to the chair and her mother poured her another brandy.

She drank the brandy, then looked at Jean and said, “But that’s incest as you could or can. I’m pro-choice, but this can’t be. “

Mary said, “Jean, you want to listen to Brent, my husband, he can explain this better than I can.”

Explain what’s pretty obvious that you’re having incest with your son that you need professional help that you’re in over your head. There are a few short cards in the deck, maybe fifty of them.”

Mary said, “Okay, but listen to him, let him show you the proof, then you decide. You’re the one being irrational and trashing a relationship we’ve spent over ten years building. Don’t I deserve at least fifteen minutes to see the truth of what’s going on?

Jean sank into her chair and said, “You’re right I’m listening.”

I started and said, “First of all, the dictionary definition of DNA is very important.

Deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material that is present in almost all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes.

It is the carrier of genetic information. This, because probably not from TV, is as unique as a fingerprint even more so.”

“Yes, so what. What does that have to do with anything?”

I said, “It has everything to do with it. Please listen and you can ask questions later. Here is my current DNA, here is Mary’s DNA, here is what you would call my grandparents DNA

And she is the DNA of a locket in my hair when I was a child forty years ago.”

Jean said, “Forty years ago?”

“Shut up and read.”

Jean looked and her face turned red and then white. her mouth was wide open and I smiled and said, “My wife, my penis would fit well in that open mouth.”

Jean was lost reading and re-reading and finally said, “So Brent isn’t your son, he’s yours,” looking at her mother.

Jean said, “So how did you get Mary to get a birth certificate and fake Brent’s death. You put him in a cryogenic state for twenty years?

Jean said, “So now you’ve got this stud for twenty years to take care of you, I won’t say a word, and I’m sorry to think what I’ve done.”

Mom and Mary then laughed and said you read the evidence but you missed it and explained that cryogenics doesn’t exist yet and about Grace.

Her mouth fell open again and this time I said, “Next time you do this can I fill it with my cock?”

That brought her back to reality and she turned red. “Mary, I see the facts are there, except one, if there is no one in that grave.”

Mary said: “Jen, I’m sure I buried him, he was laid up at the funeral home for three days, the people who hit him were locked up. Yes, he is there, or what’s left of him is,” and Mary began to howl, not to cry, but to howl. It took brandy and the three of us to calm her down.

Jean said, “I’m sorry, I believe you.”

I said, “Jean, that was a valid point and our lawyer will have his body exhumed because we have much bigger problems.”

“What do you want to say?” Jean, we’ve taken you into our confidence, and I hope it’s very complicated.”

Jean looked over at her questioningly.

Jean I’m sure Mary told you about Grace and me being born, it should have been a girl, but here I am at the moment of my death, I came out of her curve a boy. Now it’s easy to prove I’m not hers and where does that leave me?”

I am a non-entity. I can prove that I am the son of my mother and father, but there is no record of my birth, so no birth certificate.”

Jean said: God, I see what a dilemma. Do you have an answer?”

“Well, I can’t say that I’m there, the forty-year-old son, that son has a death certificate.”

Suddenly Mary stood up and kissed Jean, you are a genius, an absolute genius my love.”

My love, my wife, who is the revelation I lack.”

Have your parents claim they had a home birth and forgot to register you, and now that you need a social security number you need to be registered. It’s not a lie because you’re there son and they did it or Marie set you free.”

My love, that can work, call Roy, get him to come here and we’ll see.

Jean said, “I should go.”

I said, “Absolutely not your part of it now.” Mary went to her hugging her “Welcome to the family my love.”

About an hour later and Roy arrived, I laid out the plan and he was very skeptical. He said, “I can’t be involved in a lie.”

“Roy, we must say this skillfully with the truth that I was born twenty years ago, which is true.

pexels marlon alves 11095761 1

DNA proves they are my biological parents.

The reason I signed up so many years later is that Brent Johnson just now needs a social security number.”

Roy said, “It’s all true and I hope it works.”

“Roy, I hope so, or the alternative is to have all the religious lunatics in the world at our doors, including yours truly as a lawyer.”

“God forbid.” With that I downloaded the internet forums, Mom and Dad signed them off and Roy left.

That was a huge relief and a few weeks later the birth certificate was issued and after a few weeks my social security number came and then I got my health card and driver’s license. My wife and I made love in every room of the house and of course after about three days I was a bastard.

Our master bedroom was huge, not only did I have a four poster king size bed, but I had a table and two stuffed chairs along with my rolling desk with my swivel chair.

I was still taking my collage classes wanting to be a forest. Even after all this time, it was still my goal. On this day, I dropped the car off at the shop for routine maintenance. The morning of class our teacher wasn’t feeling well and canceled our class, which gave me the rest of the day off. I took a taxi and stopped at the flower shop and got a bunch of mums for Mary. They were pretty flowers, but I can say I’m taking them for my mother so I can be a badass.

The cab dropped me off in the street and I went through the patio door to the kitchen, I didn’t see Mary so I thought maybe she was out. I cut the flowers, put them in a vase and placed them on the table as the centerpiece. I decide to get out of my school clothes and into my robe so I’ll be ready when Mary gets home. I was undressing as I walked and was naked when I entered the bedroom. It was a site, my wife and Jean, naked in the sixty-nine position, eating each other.

I sat quietly in the overstuffed chair and watched this fantastic show for a good half hour. I looked at Jean’s contours, there were very nice large size breasts, well toned body, equal to my Maria.

I was stroking myself as I climaxed higher and higher until they both screamed. I thought the windows were going to break, they rolled over each other, turned and kissed.

They caressed each other’s breasts pulling the twist and more moans screamed again as they came, then Jean saw me and grabbed the blanket to cover herself with.

I clapped and said, “Mommy and Jean, that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen live.”

Mary said, “You bastard,” and I cut her off and said, “You’re right, I’m guilty, I confess, I’m a bastard.”

Jean came back and Mary said, “Get your ass here.”

“Yes, mommy, I’m coming,” and I crossed the room with my seven inch hard cock kicking my leg from side to side.

Jean said, “Is he really fighting you?”

Jean, you know that he is my husband, and you know that I am his mother, as my husband makes passionate love to me, and because I am his mother, he fucks me, making him my bastard.”

Jean looked at me with the sheet up to her shoulders and said, “Mary, I thought, or I guess I never thought, that you were actually having intercourse with him.”

“First let’s get that out of the way the son laid face down on the bed.” I did and felt a kick, “You were a bad boy, but you didn’t tell us you were in the room.” Mary took Jean’s arm and made her hand to smack me in the ass and then they took turns, I knew, though the blows weren’t hard. my cheeks were hot and flushed.

I said, “I’m sorry, mom.”

“Jean is like my loving sister what are you going to tell her?”

Aunt Jean, you have a wonderful body and I’m sorry I didn’t announce my presence.”

Jean used her hands and felt my ass cheeks, reaching her hands down between my legs feeling my balls and then up making me moan.

Jean said “roll over” and as I did she gently put a pillow over my face and told me to crawl to the center of the bed which I did immediately and all the while she was squeezing my cock .

Jean said, “Love crawl up this tree and stuff it in your pussy.”

“Yes, Mistress Jean.” There I found out that my wife was a subordinate, a real subordinate of this woman. Then she told me to caress Mary’s breasts and bite her nipples. I was having fun so I let her go and even answered “Yes Mistress” while we were playing.

Mary was riding the pole, but I wanted to ride with Jean, so I tried not to pay attention to what Mary was doing so I could enjoy this new prize. Jean said, “I want to lick my pussy.” Jean got down on her knees, rode on my face and pulled out the pillow and said lick slave.”

I said, “Yes, Mistress,” and put my hands around the small of her back and began to lick them from her rosebud to her clit hood. After only three minutes he began to tremble and said that he was enough of a slave.

I continued she tried to pull away but I had locked my fingers in the small of her back it wasn’t going anywhere the liquid started to flow and I moved my legs freeing the lower half of my body. Continuing towards his second orgasm, he was panting and out of breath. Then I hear oh no… oh shit ah e..e..e……, she was turning again as I moved up and sunk my cock all the way into her and hit her hard another minute and we both came together.

I stayed hard so I continued to pull her and she exploded again spraying everywhere and then she said, “No more, please, no more.”

I said, “No more?” and I kept crushing it. “Please Brent, I can’t take it anymore.”

“Then answer me the right slave and I started pulling her as fast as I could.

She came again and said, “Please hold my master, stop, I can’t take any more of that masterful cock.” I stopped moving her body up and said, “Clean your master’s cock” and without hesitation she licked and sucked me flawlessly.

After that I helped her to her feet and when the sheet fell she didn’t try to pick her up, she just stayed there and I said “Aunt Jean you have a great body and I caressed her breast and I twisted her nipples making her moan. . All he could get out is “Yes, master.”

“Mary, my wife, let’s go to the shower and take our little girl with us, you might find her useful.

“Yes master, thank you master.” In the shower, Jean reverently soaped me all over, and Mary had a hard time getting a washcloth near me. When it came time to rinse me, Mary and Jean both had their hands on the sprayer and Mary said, “Leave the little girl or suffer the consequences.”

I didn’t know it then, but it was the moment when my wife was no longer a slave to anyone but me.

I left the shower and went out for breakfast. Jean started for the bedroom to get dressed and I said, “Baby, where do you think you’re going?”

“Master, may I have your permission to dress?”

“Virgo you are fully clothed when you are home and baby girl that includes you.”

Stammering she said, “Master, shall I live here from now on?”

“If you don’t mind, little girl.”

She flew into my arms, oh no, my master, I love it here, and being close to you two is my dream being your slave master.”

Well, this is getting more interesting by the day. “Aunt Jean is starting breakfast and mommy can you help her. I’m not sure he knows where every thing is. We were sitting down and eating when my mother came in, saw Mary and Jean eating naked and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I guess I should have knocked this time.”

“Come in mother, sit down Aunt Jean, give her a cup of tea with honey.”

“Yes master, immediately master.”

“Mary, explain to mother what happened this morning.

Mary told mother she was subservient and Jean was her master until my husband took her and now she wants nothing more than my husband and to serve him and me. Marie, if you didn’t know Jean and I have been lovers for over ten years, as we were.”

Jean came back poured her mother’s tea and went to put it back on the stove and I said, “Hold on there, mother may want to explore the little girl.”

Mom squeezed her breasts and moved down to finger her pussy.

Yes, Mistress, that was your son’s doing.

Mother said, “Go and finish your breakfast before it gets cold.”

Jean continued to stand there and I said “An order from either of these two is the same as an order from me.”

“Yes master, thank you master,” and she crossed the room and brought the spatula back. She put it in her mother’s hand and said, “I’m sorry, Mistress,” and bent down holding her ankles.

Mom looked at me and I said, “She’s waiting for your correction, you have to give it to her.” Mom slapped her bottom with her spatula and said, “There you go, you’ve been corrected.” Jean doesn’t move she stays put and I say, “Mommy, she needs to be spanked, that’s what she enjoys.”

“Son, how do you know that”

“I was a teenager twice, I remember, I spent a lot of time on those xxx sites. Trust me that’s what he wants, some will be satisfied with rose red, but most want tracks and some even want blood.”

Mother slapped her hard and Jean said, “Mistress, thank you for correcting me.” he knocked again and Jean said. “Two Mistresses thank you for correcting me.” After five strokes, her ass was rose red with a few wrinkles, her juice running like water down her leg.

“Now my mother, I take it you want your bastard to satisfy your needs?”

Please, my son, I need you. I took mom and gently placed her on the master king bed and said, “Mary, my wife is making that little girl eat you while you play with mom’s breasts.”

“Yes, my husband, with pleasure. Well little girl, you heard our master got to him and he’s doing well, or I’ll give you ten with the spatula and not the easy ones like your mother gave you.

Jean started with Mary while I took my time sucking on mom’s breasts and neck. The moans she was making were unbelievable when I came down to her pussy, it was a little dry but the jeans were close and hers was soaked so I took them and applied them to her clit, soon mom and- produced her, which I licked. her first orgasm and while she was cumming close to her second, I took my penis into her surprisingly tight pussy, the penis pushed her pussy muscles aside and it felt great. In no time he was wriggling like a fish.

I said, “How’s your personal bastard doing.” Son, you’re ten, I’m ready to explode, fuck, fuck, go home, my son, I love you.”

With that my tongue found her mouth and we kissed as she exploded, she screamed and I continued to pound her wet cunt and she came a second time almost passing out. I pulled my cock out and Mary was there to suck me while Jean made Mary cum for the fourth time.

I whispered in his ear and sang like I had a tiger by the tail. Mary broke up laughing hysterically.

Mary said, “But it’s the other way around, my love is the tiger in this family.” I fell asleep for a few hours Jean down by my legs Mary and mom on either side with a hand on my cock while they slept. We woke up showering and pulled Jean from behind with her bent over the shower. Later that day I called a moving truck to bring the jeans stuff here, most of it was in storage since we didn’t need the furniture.

That evening, as we sat around the gas fire, I said, “Mary, how about Jean and not a guy I’m sure you are, and you’re quite handsome?”

“Brent, I had you to raise and I didn’t confuse anyone with your values. I could feel inside what Brent wished my husband didn’t ask me how I did.” It was quite an evening watching the flames flicker off Jean and Mary’s skin. Every night I made passionate love to my wife and every day I was a bastard to both of them and had my way with Jean. We were as happy as could be. My courses were almost finished and I was a ranger for the summer, taking care of many lakes and forest roads.

I thought it only took 40 years to get here, but here I am. I didn’t have to work, but as the new Mary this was my passion. One weekend in July I decided to take Mary Jean and mom back to the lake, the boys didn’t want to go, the baseball games were more important. I took the Yukon with the rubber patrol raft. It could carry 15 people and had two eighty horse outboard engines.

I radioed the forest tower when we got to the lake. We were about 15 miles back from the closed link road. The road had two security gates. And the fire danger was extreme.

There was no reason for anyone to come back here. We launched the boat from the ramp that the forestry company maintains. We radioed that we were heading to Station 5 Wilderness and would be there for the next three days. Once offshore, I said ok to the strip ladies. Mother said, “Well, isn’t that us?” Jean and Mary were almost undressed, and mother hadn’t started. I was out of work fatigue and yet she had her clothes on. I was well out on the lake and I looked at her and looked at the water. She saw this and said, “You wouldn’t dare.”

Before she could say another word, I laughed and picked her up, and my mother said, “Put me down, you bastard,” as I threw her overboard.

Mary said, “That’s just it, my dear mother-in-law.”

My mom started treading water and said, “Damn it, you’re going to pay for this.”

Yes, my love, and you, the cost of getting back in the boat is your clothes.

You pricked as she took off her clothes. naked now I put the ladder over the side. When she came on board I kissed her, she was angry and tried to stop me but I was too strong and as our tongues entwined she melted into my arms. “Mom, I love you and I wouldn’t hurt you because you three are my world. Look around at all the hidden beauty. We were heading for that island about a mile from here, it’s the dead center of this huge lake.”

I got to the lake and went and opened the locks on the cabin. Jean and Mary went and opened all the windows. My mom helped me with the shopping and pinched my bottom when she could. On our many trips back to the boat I stopped her for a deep kiss and massaged her breast making her moan with desire. “Please, Brent, take me here and now.” I felt her pussy and this time it was wet so I turned her around and entered her from behind. She moaned and failed quickly as I continued to pound her. I said, “Am I forgiven my love?”

She didn’t say anything and I thrust my cock deep into her panting heavily, “Yes, son, you bastard, all is forgiven.” I held her until her legs started to give out and helped her sit up to recover. Mary came to make sure mom was okay. Jean fired up the wood stove and put on some steaks for us. I cut some hearths and started the outdoor fire. Once it was done well, some potatoes were wrapped in tinfoil and placed under the embers.

Mary stayed away from the fire. I said who is my mother E Mary?

Oh, shut up, my husband. Jean said, “What is it about. I said, “Not much only in my previous life she was marked with an E at a campfire just like this.”

“I wouldn’t even have seen that I went over every inch of her body.”

“What do you want to bet slave.”

Jean said, “I’m going to win this bet, let’s bet our ass that I win, that I’ll use a strap on your ass, you win and you can take my virgin ass.”


Jean said, “Ok where is this supposed scar.”

“Mary, my wife, show him the scar.”

Mary parted her pubic hair exposing the scar. “Oh my God, I’ve never seen that before.”

I said, “It will be fun to get that slave.”

Jean hung her head and with fear in her voice said, “Yes, master.” The steak was ready and I sliced ​​the potatoes from the embers. We all had a great meal and sat around the fire, the sky was beautiful with millions of stars. I had one arm around Mary and the other around Mom. I talked about my childhood and everything I remembered in my sleep and how hard it must have been.

I said, “It was something with a vivid memory of being an adult and making love to my wife, then I woke up in a fog, everything dissipating in seconds.”

Jean said “It’s so fantastic master what did you think happened” she slapped and killed a mosquito. A few more slaps and I put a bucket of water on the fire, stirred the embers, then emptied the second bucket to make sure I went to the beach and filled two more and threw one on the fire, sure enough it was out.

Once inside, the screens were in and we had solar powered LED lights. We sat down at the table. Mom sat on the bed and said she was feeling a little disappointed. Mary checked her temperature and pulse, everything seemed fine.

Jean said, “Lord what did you think really happened.”

Jean, I know this sounds very good and believe me I have thought long and hard about this question.

I think that I wasn’t supposed to die in that accident and that I was pulled out of it before it was over, maybe the entity was trying to save me from the pain. Whatever the reason, if the entity had let it unfold, I would have lived, and that’s why I was entering the light that felt so peaceful and calm the next moment I was exiting Mary’s womb suffocating with all that fluid. “

“I was a boy now, not Grace. I think the supreme one did it for me or for me.”

Jean said, “Lord that is deep.”

Mary said, “You never told me that, my husband.”

I said, “I’m still coming to terms with it.”

“Well, my husband, at first I felt fine, I thought I was getting sick like my mother here, so I tested myself and I’ve been sick for nine months.”

I rushed to her side and got down on one knee and said that our Grace would finally be born.

“Brent, my love, can be another fantastic boy like you.”

Not my love, it will be Grace twenty years late, but it will be grace.”

We hugged and kissed and went to bed. The night passed quickly and the morning rays lit up the cabin. I looked across the lake of glass, not a wave, it was like looking into a mirror. I went to the cabin and was coming back when Mary screamed. I came running “It’s mom, I looked her eyes were dilated, she was looking, but there was no one at home.

“Take our things, take them to the boat.” I brought the gurney and dressed mom and lifted her onto the gurney. We all got dressed and carried Mom to the boat and placed her in the cabin on the specially made stretcher sling. We started the twin engines, they roared to life and we coasted to a full stop across the lake.

I radioed and it was hard for them to hear over the sirens. I cut them off long enough to relay the message to the rescue helicopter. With both engines shut down, it only took a few minutes before the launch pad was on site. When we landed we had time to get the boat back on the trailer when this huge red and white helicopter came on the radio and said it was the coast guard and for us all to go the other rangers were taking care of the boat and the vehicle.

The mother was secured and given permission to start the IV for them to administer the special injection to minimize the damage of the stroke. I was only in the air when I saw the captain and a few mates land to take care of the boat.

We landed on the roof of the hospital and we barely fit man this platform was massive. When I went out for an emergency, Mary went to Dad to fill it in while I stayed with Mom.

When dad went into the emergency, mom was slurring her speech a little, but she was getting her words out, that photo really works.

The captain arrived about an hour later and said everything was secure and asked how mom was. I said, “I think she’ll be fine, they got the shot in her in time.” I went in and saw her for a few minutes and Captain Grimes said, “Take all the time you need, we’ve got you covered son.” We shook hands and he left. They put mom in a private room that afternoon and we all went home except dad, he didn’t want to leave her.

Within days she was walking and talking as if it never happened, except for a slight limp which is the only residual effect of the stroke.

Back at the house things settled down and after mom came home the house was excited again with the news that Mary was pregnant. We got married the following week. I had Roy name our lawyer as best man and Mary Jean as maid of honor. It was a quiet ceremony and life went on. It wasn’t even a month when Jean came in with the news she was pregnant.

Shortly after that news I was playing with Jean one evening and while kissing her I sunk my gelled finger into her ass. She jumped and said what do you think your doing.

“Slave I am taking what you promised just keeping you honest slave as I continued with a second finger I squeezed more gel on her ass and she screamed at the third finger intrusion.

“No stop I cant take it please no master I can’t.” I continued my cock hard as a rock now knowing I was taking a virgin ass. After a few minutes I lubed my cock and lined up with her rosebud my knob went in past her sphincter and she screamed “Take it out master your hurting me.” I did not take it out but held it there motionless she was moving and I said, “The more you move the more pain you get now be still my slut.”

“Please master take it out I will be your willing slut your whore anything but take it out.” Her movements had me about half way into her ass she finally resigned herself to the fact I was taking her virgin ass. Within five minutes I was all the way in she whimpered and then her muscles started to relax as I slowly started to fuck her ass. It wasn’t long before the moans of pain turned to that of pleasure.

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I could feel her muscles working my shaft and reached around and fingered her sloppy clit. As she was just about to explode I pulled out and held my cock just outside her rosebud. “Please master I beg you finish your worthless slave off.”

“Oh no my slave I am doing what you ask first I took my cock out and what was it you said?”

“Master I don’t remember, please fuck my ass I need you master.”

I poked her spinster and my knob went inside I did that a couple of times and said “You are my slut my whore.”

Yes master I am your slut your whore anything I need your shaft, drive it into my ass make your slut of a whore cum.”

With that I added more lube and rammed my cock deep in her bowels within a minute she was doing her normal flapping like a flounder out of water.

“Come on my slut show you master how much you love my shaft in your ass,” as I started squirting pulse after pulse of my baby batter in her ass.

When I finished I rolled off panting for air and Jean crawled over and started licking my shaft clean. She managed to get me hard and I decided to make love to my wife.

She said, “Would it help if I said I had a headache.”

I looked at her and said, “Do you have a headache?”

Mary said, “No my husband,” and the love making was on I took her missionary then from behind then from one side then the other finally finished after many orgasms with my love on top of me she fell off and Jean sucked my dead cock clean and we fell asleep.

Next morning I woke to being sucked again and then I felt my cock sinking into this pussy slowly it fucked me not in any kind of rush state as my eyes opened here was mom riding me she whispered I just had to have my motherfucker. After a while she came and rolled off exhausted and I said, “Mom you need to be careful.”

“You’re my mother fucker and I will have you service me as much as I want. I raised you for twenty years so you owe me twenty years of fucking satisfaction.”

I said, “Can’t argue with that my mommy guess you will be eighty five on your last fuck.”

“I will be at least one hundred you saucy pup.”

“Yes my mommy how foolish of me and we hugged and laughed waking Mary up. Mary seen mom and said Marie you shouldn’t be doing this, honey help me out here.”

“My love your on your own here mommy already laid down the law to me I am to be her mother fucker at least until she is one hundred years old, so you argue with her I am not.”

“Marie we do not want to loose you. Marie you can’t be doing these strenuous exercise.”

“Maybe your right Mary.” I actually thought Mary was winning this argument and Mary said, “Dam straight I am right.”

“All right dear as she rolled on her back legs spread eat me out while I rest and you can savor our mother fuckers cum and if your real nice you can straddle my face and I will get some nice licks on that pregnant pussy.”

I laughed out loud and seen mom won again Mary face turned red knowing she had been beaten by mom again.

Mom said, “Get to it or I can have our slave do it and you will miss out.”

Mary was beat she so wanted to eat her out as its been a while at least all of three weeks she said, “Marie you are an exasperating mother fucker,” as she descends between her legs and starts licking.

“That’s it my daughter your doing great god that feels nice lick up from the rosebud dear get all that motherfuckers cum for us to savor.”

Within a few minutes Mary got mom off but she kept going and a second orgasm was building stronger than the first Mom screamed and closed her legs she went limp passed out from the pleasure.

A moment later Mom opened her eyes she was propped up with pillows and a cold ice wrapped in a small towel on her head. Mom said, “What happened I got a little dizzy.”

Mary said angrily, ”Kind of, you sure did you were out like a light bulb turned off. I told you Marie you need to take it easy; this stud is too much for you right now. We will have to feed you this motherfucker in small douses if you want to see your next birthday.”

Mom said, “I was just a little dizzy.”

Mom I know you are stubborn but Mary my wife is right she knows what is best for you may not be what you want will boo hoo we always don’t get what we want but she will make sure you get what you need.”

I took one of the ice cubes from the towel and put it to her lips so she could feel the smooth cold wetness on her mouth.

“Thank you Brent I needed that.”

“Yes you did.” I moved the cube down on her nipple and run it around several times making her nipple stand erect I did the same with the other and Mary grabbed her hands and held them not allowing her to stop me.

I said, “That is for not listening to Mary to start with my adorable wench.”

Mom with tears in her eyes said, “Mary I know you are right I just cant face that this part of my life is over I love you guys so much what am I to do?”

Mary hugged her and said, “Its not permanently over just need to rest and get much better than you are now then we will have moderate fun even with mother fucker here.”

The weeks passed I went back to work and became close to Ben he was a full ranger about 2 years older than me. He was always talking about something not that he was a braggart even though he was supper smart. I learned more about the forest in a few months with Ben than I did in 3 years of collage.

We were becoming really close. He had had a few girlfriends but they didn’t last. He often joked about having a harem just to watch the girls dance. That was a topic that came up often. Another topic was reincarnation. It was mainly him I really did not want to go there he was a good friend and I trusted him but not that much we were talking about the rest of our lives.

Anyway Ben’s birthday was approaching and Mary said about a party for him. I said it would mainly be the staff from work there were a few girls and about 15 rangers. I talked to them all and we were going to give Ben a surprise party. It was January. So I said to Ben how about we go to the cabin out on officers lake for the weekend.

Ben said, “I would feel like a third wheel.”

“Don’t be crazy you’re my best friend and you have met Mary a few time and I think you enjoyed her company also her friend Jean is nice to.”

“Hey man your not trying to pair me up are you because I am not interested.”

“Ben I promise we are not, just looking for a fun weekend. We can ice fish snare a few rabbits use the snowmobiles or the track machine as I need to take that out anyway to fix that bottom set of steps to the tower. It is slow at work and this is something that needs to be done so we can go out Thursday fix the steps Friday shouldn’t take more than the morning then come in Monday afternoon.

I was out there a few times this week so I got the materials we may as well get it done. Ben agreed and I told the Captain we were all set to fix those stairs. Thursday morning we loaded up the vehicles the guys from work wouldn’t let Mary lift a finger being seven months along she really had a big belly.

We got down to lake about eleven and Jean and Mary in matching white snowsuits climbed into the track machine. It took almost an hour going across the lake it was a beautiful clear day about 25 below Celsius. The sun glaring off the ice the ice was over sixteen inches thick. You could drive a tank on it. Ben seen my tracks from earlier that week and as we got to the island and we could smell smoke.

I said, “Ben check that out before we unload he went around the corner of the building to a big yell surprise the whole staff was there including the helicopter on the landing pad making them only minutes away from home base if needed. This was Bens 25t birthday consider a man by any standard now. Yes his adolescence was gone he was now starting the time where his future meant more than a hot date.

The afternoon went and the cards were given and the cake was cut and passed around. The staff opened up a flat of bear and one can was given to everybody and everybody but the pilot and Caption had a second. The crew unloaded the track machine and set everything up.

By four o’clock the sun was getting ready to set so the other track machine took off for the beach and a half hour later the helicopter left.

We sat by the fire but even with our suits as night fell we were getting cold so the girls went inside and Ben and I used snow to kill the bonfire. The steam was all that was herd and soon that dissipated into the peaceful quiet of the wilderness. Ben and I went into the shed and hooked up the Honda generator we stated it and plugged in the charger for the batteries the led lights all came on.

Ben came over before we went inside and he through his arms around me and said, “Man I have never had such a wonderful surprise in all my life it was the greatest and heartfelt I will remember it always and am so indebted to you I can never repay you. You are the absolute best.”

I said, “Ben this is only the beginning as they say you aint seen nothing yet. However I am not gay or Bi that I know of at least not yet but the weekend is still young.”

Bill let go like I was a hot piece of steal and we both looked at each other and laughed.

Ben said, “Maybe we should get in so they don’t thing we are doing anything.” We laughed and went into the camp. Inside it was huge with four queen size bunk beds Jean had a curtain up separating her side from where Ben was sleeping. I said, “Ben not really a wall but guess it will do.”

Ben said, “It would do better if it had a light on her wall behind the curtain.”

“Oh master do you want me to?”

Bens head flew up looked at her then looked at me and Jean said, “Opp’s.

Ben looked at me and I said, “That is one of the many things that we decided as my best friend you should know.”

”One of the things. You own a slave there is nothing more monument than that this is not real is it my friend.”

Jean said, “It is real I will do anything for my mistress and master.”

Ben said, “I know your rich did you go buy a real honest to goodness slave.”

Ben looked at Mary and at me and I said, “Shall we have supper then we can get into this you only are getting a spur my friend. Is bacon and eggs good for supper?”

Ben nodded like in a stupor and I said slave make us bacon and eggs and put some coffee on.”

“Yes master right away sir.”

“Jean get the brandy out for our friend please.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Ben sat with his jaw dropped and mouth opened just staring.

I said, “My wife A while ago we were in the shed and he hugged me now he is sitting there at the table with his mouth open is he locking for my cock to fill it.”

With that Ben came fully conscious and shut his mouth as Mary, Jean and I laughed to split a gut.

“Very funny you drop a bomb on a fellow like this its like I would like to know the W5 who, what, where, when, and why.”

Jean cooked the bacon and I brought bens mind back to the steps we needed to fix. He was having a hard time concentrating and many a time he said, “A slave a real slave.” Then looked back at the sketches I had drawn.

Mary laughed as Jean poured him a coffee and Mary spiked it with brandy.

During supper Ben had some of his senses and said so is this slavery sexual?”

Jean said, “ Mr. Ben, why of course silly he is my master and Mary my mistress.”

Ben said, “You have sex with Mary too?”

Jean said, “Of course Mr. Ben we have had intimate relations since master Brent was a pre teen.”

“Were you having sex with master back then?”

Jean said, “Of course not Mr. Ben what do you think I am.”

Ben went to speak again and I said, “Ben my friend please let us explain, like I said you are looking at such a minute part of this.”

Ben what I am about to tell you is the absolute truth and I can prove it as a mater of fact most of the proof is in that briefcase.”

Ben shook his head and I said, “Go outside take a leak then come back in giving the cold air a chance to clear your head you are going to need it.”

Mary said, “Ben do you want my husband to go out and hold it for you?” Mary and I started laughing and Ben went outside and in a few minutes was back. “Dam it is crisp out there.”

I said, “The wood box is full so we are good for a day.

Ben sat down and I said, “Are you ready?”

“Ben I know you, like me, you believe in the supreme one, call him god or whatever but that entity exists.”

“I believe in the light and paradise on another plane of existence. 21 years ago in March my wife was with child and all the scans were done we were having a girl.”

Ben caught that and said “We.”

“Ben let that be for a moment. Anyway as I was saying her husband was called as she went into labor. Her husband got on his scooter as he was in university taking his degree in forestry his life long goal since childhood was to be a forest ranger.”

Ben said, “Like you are.”

I said, “Yes,” and anyway during this trip a truck with no brakes hit a car which hit the scooter and the next thing Mary’s husband seen was a bright white peaceful light and then was choking and drowning coming out of Mary’s womb as a boy not a girl. When this baby tried to talk tell his wife he was there all that came out was baby cries.”

“Growing up when the boy slept he knew Mary was his wife but as he woke it faded by the time he was fully awake.”

“When he was 18 back at the lake while swimming under the water with his mother he realized he was Mary’s wife and Ben that is basically where we are today my wife is pregnant and I know it will be Grace just 20 years later.“

“I believe that an entity serving the supreme one took me before the outcome that night and I would of survived and put me in Mary’s body and replaced Grace.”

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