How I made out with a girlfriend on a beach in the UK at 3 in the morning…

So, approaching my 30th birthday, I found myself thinking about this story, which I’d never told in detail to any friend. Before you read it, let me say that as unlikely as it all sounds, this is 100% true (at least as I recall).

At 18, I was still a virgin. I was a boy from the province, without much hope for the life I lived in a small city, with hundreds of dollars per month… which I hardly had enough. After I got over being obese (for most of my life I was LOL), I finally got my shit together and started doing the Kickboxing, rock climbing, and rugby that had given me a good physique and the 6 squares for the first time in my life. I was a bit of a noob when it came to approaching women though.


Anyway, I graduated high school and was ready to go to the UK the next day. After a while I started going out to bars, meeting a friend of mine who worked at a hookah bar.

That’s when I met my friend’s cousin

Let’s call her “Maria”, who had just graduated from college and was visiting her family. She was a smoking Asian-American girl. 24 yrs old, short, hot, smart (a big change for me) with a hot tough girl attitude that got me hot as hell in minutes. There were a lot of guys approaching her, so I didn’t think I had a chance at her.

But something was different that night. For the first time in my life, I was unusual. I was the flirtatious, talkative, confident me who used to be super shy… Before I knew it, she was holding onto my arm, pressing her soft breasts against my bicep, and biting her lip whenever I said something outrageously vulgar.

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We drank quite a bit together and at some point in the night he told me he wanted to fuck brain exploded.

However, I had a problem. While we were flirting, my friend got drunk in the last hall. I didn’t want to leave my friend like that because he could barely speak… and the problem was that I didn’t even know exactly where he was staying, I only knew in the street. So we couldn’t go and get a hotel room. I couldn’t take a taxi to my apartment because my parents were at home and the walls were very thin. I couldn’t go to her place either because she had the same problem as her aunt and uncle.

Our solution? We took our friend to the beach because the location of the bar was somewhere right next to the beach… at 3 in the morning. It was empty as you would expect. I put him on the chaise longue while she and I stripped down to our underwear and started kissing, but the problem was that we also wanted to have sex and she refused in support of our friend and we couldn’t even leave him alone… Then I saw a big ocean buoy, a kind of platform, which was spinning about 300 M in the sea, the lights flashing. I suggested swimming there, more as a joke.

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She looked at me for a second, bent down, and slowly removed her thong – her last piece of clothing. It was the first time I saw a woman completely naked in real life. Without saying a word, she started running towards the sea. I also took off my boxers, and I started running after her super excited.

The thing was, the buoy was actually much further than it looked. We swam for what seemed like we would never get there… Almost halfway, we started to worry, but we were already committed to this thing and we have to get to that platform. We finally got there, panting, climbed the ladder, and sat on the rubberized surface of the platform. After catching his breath, he asked, “Did you bring a condom?”

“I don’t have them with me. I’m on the beach, in my wallet.”

When I told him, we both laughed for a full minute. Then without any warning, he went down on top of me and started pawing me… Then he got on top of me, grabbed my cock, and before I could say anything or even fully understand what was happening he slipped my cock into dripping wet pussy. Suddenly I was no longer a virgin.

So I know when the guy loses his virginity he has no skills whatsoever and it’s over in seconds. It certainly didn’t happen to me either. Maybe it was the swimming and the adrenaline, but the penis didn’t show any signs of wanting to “splash”. We fucked like frantic animals for at least half a day hour, probably much more, and then I let go and ejaculated on her pussy… When we curled up on the buoy, I told her that I was a virgin. She didn’t believe me at first and was actually a little mad at me when she realized I wasn’t joking.

Anyway, after that, we started swimming back to shore. We find some (not all) of our clothes on the shore and find our friend still passed out and snoring on the beach where we left him.

We were still turned on so we decided to continue, this time only a few feet away from our sleeping friend. We didn’t care anymore. I finished twice more in the next hour or so, pausing hard and using every position I could remember from the porn videos. By the time we were done, we both had sore knees, hands, and elbows from all the movement we’d been doing while sitting in the sand. I hadn’t noticed until afterward.

At the moment when the dawn was creeping on the horizon, we put all our clothes back and headed with our friend to the bus station, who in the meantime had recovered .. After placing the friend on the bus seat, he turned, gave me a long and sensual kiss, gave his cock one last squeeze through his pants.. said goodbye and got back on the bus.

That was the last time I saw “Maria” who then left for the US a few days later. She never gave me her number and for some reason, it didn’t feel right to reach her through my friend. However, I will always remember how “Maria” took a shy, insecure, slightly noob guy..and who then totally changed my perception of women and life in general…

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