My neighbor & my real fantasies part 1

After reading so many fantasies, I also decided to post what happened to me a year ago with my neighbor.

I’m from a small provincial town, and my family after 8-10 years sold the apartment and bought another in another neighborhood, we always liked to move.

Here I met her for the first time, and my parents befriended her, I was 16 at the time, and the neighbor was around 35-36, I felt attracted to her in the last stage, she had a big ass, big tits, and lips bellflower.

The first time I interacted with my neighbor more closely was one evening on her husband’s birthday, I joked with her and pulled her tits, she immediately took my dick to pull me on her, and everyone laughed, she had some pretty slanderous tits I really liked firm and big back then.

After I turned 18, I started to talk to her more, to visit her, but nothing, she said she saw me as a younger brother then.

When I turned 23, she started not getting along well with her husband.

On my father’s birthday, I was just getting ready, he came to help my mother with the food and what else did they have to do there, I was on the sofa in the living room watching TV, I was in my boxers wrapped in a blanket and when she entered the room, meanwhile in the Kitchen he had a little drink (he likes to taste), he comes to me, asks me what I’m doing and sits on the bed next to me.

My horny neighbor

At that moment my dick got up, I looked at her, and she looked at me and said let’s see what you have under the blanket and lifted the blanket, the dick got up when she saw it got up, and she put her boxers down, took the dick in her hand.

She looked at her and he says, I absolutely have to have this in me, and he puts his tongue on her dick and tells me that we were talking, I went crazy, I didn’t know what to do with such a badly fucked dick.

fantasies neighbor

The next day is my father’s birthday, I take her with me, we get in the car to go get cookies and he tells me when we got in the car where are we going to fuck me, I tell him I don’t know, we leave the parking lot of the building and I stop I start kissing her.

She caresses my dick and tells me Take her to the edge of the city so I can suck it for you, I went because I was 1 hour late with the cookies, I let go, she swallowed everything and said that we must meet so that she feels good too, not only me, he laughed.

A few days later I was alone at home and she sent me a message on snap saying what are you doing, are you alone, and a picture of her beautiful ass. I answer yes and if he wants to come down, come to me. He tells me that he will come down in 10 minutes, quickly go to the bathroom, wash up and wait.

She comes to me, I lock the door, I leave the key in the door, we kiss, she throws me on the bed and makes me sit and look into my eyes while she sucks.

pexels valeria boltneva 185481 1

I take her by the head and put her muzzle on my dick and she starts sucking me, after a while 7-8 minutes I tell her to stop and I put her on the goat and begin to lick her big lips from her pussy and with my tongue on her ass after about 10 minutes of licking that good pussy, I get up and put my dick in her pussy and fuck her and I fucked the neighbor for about 15 minutes until I let go and then she says let go of me because I’m taking pills, and we fill the neighbor with cum.

And that’s how my first sex game with a 40-year-old lady went.

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