Daddy’s daughter

Do not judge me. I know after this story, my daughter won’t tell me that I am the father of the year, but it is what it is. I’ve always been attracted to younger girls. I never indulged my urges except once with my younger cousin. But that’s a story for another time.

But back to this story, I am a divorced man with two children. Both are girls 18 Julie and Brandy my oldest. My wife and I divorced a year ago. I let them have the house and moved into an apartment not too far away.

My eight-year-old and I get along perfectly, but my oldest has started to pull away from me. I guess it was at that age when children rebelled. Besides, I don’t think the divorce helped matters much. they were both coming to spend their weekends with me, according to the court orders.


Julie enjoyed their time together, Brandy not so much. Instead of father-daughter time, it became a war every weekend just to get her to come. Once he even told me “I know why your mother left you”. I couldn’t believe he said that, but he did.

I never noticed how mature my daughter was getting until one weekend I accidentally went into the bathroom with her. It dries fresh after a hot shower. She yelled at me to get out and I did, after apologizing. But it was too late, the damage was already done. The image of my naked daughter was burned into my brain.

I guess we see what we want to see because before that night I had always seen my daughter as a skinny girl with freckles. But now it was far from that. The braces I had bought years ago had straightened his teeth; her body was no longer thin but curvy with a pair of decent breasts. And the makeup covered her freckles.

As I said, I’ve always been attracted to younger girls, but I never thought my daughter would fall into that category. After that weekend, I found myself looking at brandy in a way that just wasn’t right. I think she saw it too because she started asking her mom to stay home on weekends.

Her mother told her that since it was my weekend, it was up to me. Some weekends I let it slide, but most of the time I didn’t. Even though Brandy hated me, my little girl Julie adored me and told me everything. Like Brandy had a boyfriend named Jesse. And how Jesse would sneak off and stay in Brandy’s room.

I never said anything about it, but I sure planned to do something about it. One weekend, Brandy begged to stay home. I didn’t feel comfortable because my ex-wife was going on a weekend with her new boyfriend.

After a lot I hate you and I have my ex vouch for how mature she was. And as she was now too old to stay at home alone, I agreed. But only on the condition that he calls me every few hours to check in on me.

That weekend got off to a great start. My little girl and I went to the zoo and got ice cream. We sat down to talk with a father’s daughter. Brandy called every few hours as agreed upon, after the last call my little girl looked at me and said

“Dad, can I tell you something?”

“Sure honey, what is it?”

“I don’t know dad, maybe I shouldn’t, I cursed pinky after all.”

I looked at my daughter, it must have been serious. So I said, “Well, please, I swear I won’t tell anyone that you told me.”

She smiled and agreed to tell me why she hungrily licked her soft cone.

“Brandy gets Jesse to spend the weekend with her and they will.”

“Oh really?” I said.

“Yeah, I caught them doing it once, I told mom, but she said brandy is old enough to make her own choices.”

All in love for my daughter

Shit! I thought the bitch was so caught up in running after her new lover; he doesn’t even care if our daughter becomes a whore.

“It’s okay baby, like I said, I’ll never say you said it.”

I didn’t tell Julie, but I was freaking out, but we went about our day like nothing was wrong. Later that night, Julie started sneezing, I thought she was coming on with a cold; so I gave him a dose of cough medicine. That always seems to put her to sleep at night. I asked my neighbor across the hall, MS Grant, to watch her for a few hours. Why I attended to a family emergency.

pexels vitalii odobesku 14100693

MS Grant was a senior citizen and very nice, so I knew I could trust her. I jumped in the car and headed to my old house. It was about midnight when I shot. I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do. Did you get into them? Kick their ass? Shall I take her and take her to me? Hell, maybe I’d ditch her for life. I just sat in the car for twenty minutes and thought.

I could tell they were in my old bedroom because that was the only light on. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, but I opened my glove compartment and pulled out a gun. I went to my trunk. I had old clothes from a ski trip still packed in there. I took off a ski mask.

Even though my ex had changed the locks, this was my house and after 10 years, I knew how to get into it without a key. I slipped my mask on as I entered the house. Now I planned to scare them both and take my daughter back to me.

But things took a left turn when I opened the door to the master bedroom. I saw my so-called innocent daughter on her knees, naked, blowing this bum Jesse. My blood started to boil. I kicked the door in and in a whisper-type voice (sort of like Clint East Wood) ordered them both to the ground. I have to give Jesse credit for having the balls. Figuratively I mean. He rushed over to me and told Brandy to run. I pistol-whipped him and he fell to the ground. I hit the poor boy in the head a few times to make sure I got all the fight out of him.

I threw a roll of duct tape at my daughter and told her to tie up her little friend. After he complied, I locked him in the bedroom closet. I then grabbed Brandy’s arm and led her to her bedroom. Now, this was the part where I had to take off my mask and scold my daughter. But I didn’t, I just watched her cry, sitting naked in the corner shaking.

Now let’s stop this story for a minute. Do you know how they say there are certain times in your life when you can go one way or the other? Well, this was one of those times. I went to my daughter and she rubbed the gun on her bare chest and I told her.

“Do me, as you did him, whore!”

She dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock out. I looked down at her and whispered, “Toothless bitch, or I kill you.”

Why holding back her tears, she began to carefully lick the head of my cock. After a few licks, she started thrusting deep into my throat. She must have feared for her life because she was handling my private parts like fine china. I watched as the top of her head bobbed up and down. Damn, I thought she was better than her mother.

After sucking like a pro, I picked her up and led her to the bed. She walked slowly until I pushed the gun into her back. That made her move a little faster. I made her lean over the bed and spread her legs. I put the gun on the bedside table next to me. I gripped her hips with both hands; my cock was so hard I didn’t even need to guide it inside. He went straight to the opening between her slit.

I shot Brandy hard and rough. I showed him no mercy. This was payback for the last few months of disrespect from her.

“Tight fuck,” I moaned as I pounded into my daughter’s sexy teenage body.

“You’re so tight,”

As my pace increased, my baby girl started moaning louder and louder. I pulled out of it just enough to see the bottom of my shaft go back in. And then it comes out of her young pussy. I was violating my daughter and it felt so good!

I realized for years that I suppressed these feelings. And finally, letting them all out felt like a wave breaking a dam. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I felt like I was about to cum. I couldn’t live to get my daughter pregnant, so I pulled out of her and started shooting my load over my back. How it covered the small of the back and traveled down to the bottom.

“Mmmmm Brandy,” I moaned as I squeezed every last drop of cum out of my cock.

pexels elena rubtsova 14563720

I ordered her to clean up and get dressed. Then I pointed the gun at her and explained if she told anyone. She should talk about the naked boy in her mother’s closet. And besides, if I found out, there was a police search. I would find her and make her pay. She agreed to keep quiet about the whole thing.

I locked her in the closet with her boyfriend. I was sure after a while; both of them could open the door. I rushed home to my sleeping angel and thanked my neighbor for keeping an eye on her. As I lay there looking at my cell I was sure if brandy called the police she would call me. But the phone never rang. And the next day, Brandy called to check in, as we agreed. I asked her if something was wrong because she sounded different.

She told me that everything was fine and that she would probably come and spend the rest of the weekend with me and her sister. I told her I love her, she told me she loves me too. I smiled as I hung up the phone. Maybe things would get better between me and my eldest. I hoped, but if not. I had my ski mask in the trunk waiting.

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