Couples withdraw: wife attack

Jon was your average guy, married to his wife Grace for six years, had two kids, and lived in the same town all his life. He loved his wife and would do anything for her, and had a great sex life. They had been together since high school and the spark was still there. They did some crazy things together and he was open to anything Grace wanted to try.

So when she came to him a week before their seventh birthday and told him she had booked them a trip to a tropical island for a week-long getaway; he was excited about the chance to escape from work and relax with his wife. He was a manager at his job and had four weeks of holiday a year and could leave at any time; he knew this would be fun because his wife had such a glow in her about the trip. Grace didn’t tell Jon anything about the trip to surprise him.


All week he thought about the beach and the ocean and saw his wife in a sexy bikini that he saw one morning in the closet. Jon and Grace were both in their thirties and kept fit together. Grace had a murderous body and would look when she was out; she kept her hair short and always had blonde highlights in her auburn hair, she had a 36D bust and a skinny waist with a small plum bottom.

The power of a wife

She never had pussy hair and when she wore her yoga pants, Jon always commented how he could see her camel leg. Jon was 6 feet tall and in good shape too, had some abs and looked like your average guy. Pena was 6½” and had an average girth, his wife didn’t complain, so he never hated not having a bigger penis; what he did have was that he produced a lot of sperm. Once it covered Grace’s face it looked like you poured a bottle of hand lotion on it.

The day came and soon they were on the plane south; from the airport, they took a boat to privet island. Jon could see six small huts in a bay and a larger building on the beach. After the boat docked, they made their way to the building and were greeted by a man behind the desk. Grace checked them in and the man told them to have a great time here and the bellboy would show them the place over there.

Jon and Grace followed the guy to the cabins and told them that their roommates hadn’t checked in yet, but that he would bring them over when they arrived. Before leaving, he told them to have a great time and enjoy everything the island has to offer.

Jon turned to Grace and asked what he meant about roommates and Grace told him that this island is only for married couples and that they only book twelve couples two to a room for a week and that the island is yours to do whatever you want. She told him that couples come from all over the world to relax and enjoy some time with other couples without the drunk college kids. Grace told him to relax and enjoy the place; Jon said ok and grabbed his trunks to change into.

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As Jon looked around, he saw that the hut had a living area that opened onto a deck, and between the kitchen/dining area was a hatch that opened to stairs that went right down to the water below. Then he saw that the only privet room in the hut was the bathroom and that there were two king-size beds about five feet apart with a folding grass divider. He didn’t know about it, but he wanted Grace happy, so if he didn’t care, he never did.

Jon changed by the bed and Grace came out of the bathroom wearing the bikini she saw at home and boy did she look good; he was about to open the minibar in the kitchen when there was a knock on the door and the bellman opened it to let the other couple in. The other couple walked in behind the guy and greeted Jon and Grace. Jon was from a small town and sure there were people of other races in it, but he never had any black friends.

The couple that was Drew and Candice told them that this was their first vacation since their honeymoon three years ago and they hadn’t been out of Queens much. Jon headed to the kitchen while Drew and Candice unpacked and changed into bathing suits. Jon found beer and bought others while they all sat on the deck and got to know each other. Drew told them he found this place online and it looked good because since they weren’t traveling it would be nice to relax somewhere that wasn’t covered in snow.

They all talked some more and soon it was time to head to the main building for dinner. The hall was set up for couples to share a meal after good food and several drinks, the two couples returned to the hut and went to bed.

In the middle of the night, Jon woke up to pee, so he headed to the bathroom; because it was the first night, and sharing a hut with another couple did not occur to him at first. He didn’t notice the light on and opened the door only to be greeted by Drew peeing in the toilet. Jon was still somewhat asleep, he stopped and took a moment to realize that Drew was there. Before Jon turned to leave, he looked down and saw something he had never seen before. Drew was holding a monster rooster; a nine-inch thick black cock.

Drew shook off the remaining pee and turned to Jon; Jon tried to apologize for barging in but Drew said no problem and walked past Jon with his huge cock dangling between his legs. Drew walked past Jon and when Jon turned around he saw in the moonlight that Drew was completely naked and Candice was fast asleep in bed. Jon peed and went back to bed.

The next morning, Jon told Grace what happened the night before when they were alone; everything Grace said was really just as great as Jon said. Jon was a bit shocked by this, but interpreted that he was the only one Grace was with. That evening things went the same way as the night before; they ate and drank and when they got back to the hut Grace was past her usual drinking point. So when they were all sitting in the living room, Grace told Candice out of the blue that Jon walked in on Drew peeing the night before and told her he had a monster penis. Grace asked Candice if this is true or not.

Jon was speechless by his wife and thought Candice had no way of responding. Candice looked at Grace and told her that it was a little too much to handle at first, but after that, it was the best thing she could ever have. He then rubbed the legs of Drew’s trunks and everyone saw a breakout begin to form. Grace’s eyes lit up when Candice did this; Grace told Candice that she loved Jon even though he was her only one and that she could go on for hours and get a lot of flak doing it. He always wanted to know if the rumor about black men was true.

Candice giggled a bit and said that it was true, but she would like to be with someone who could go the distance with her; Candice said Drew was big, but he was one of those once-and-done people. He could fuck her for an hour, but once he came, he was done and she always wanted more.

The whole time they were talking, the tent in Drew’s trunk was getting bigger and bigger and it made Candice and Grace wet themselves; even Jon, who never considered himself gay or even bi, shuddered at the growing break. Grace didn’t know if it was the wine talking but she asked Candice if she could see it and Candice only said if Jon’s cock was coming out too. This was all new to the couples, but they both figured you only live once; so with that grace and Candice both pulled down their husband’s chests and their hard cocks came out. 

Candice grabbed Drew’s dick and stroked it a bit while Grace just stared in shock at how big it was. Jon looked at her too because he could see better in the light than before. Drew’s feather was long and thick and curled down a little in front of his head. Jon started to blush knowing his cock was no match for Drew’s. Candice saw this and told him that he had a nice cock too and she liked it because he was uncut. This lifted Jon’s spirits and he asked, since the boys were naked, their wives should be too.

Candice said that was fair and removed her bikini as Grace followed suit. Drew looked at Grace and removed the top from her large breasts and the bottom from her shaved wet pussy. He looked at her milky white skin covering her shapely body as Jon watched Candice remove her top covering her small B-cup breasts and then her bottom showing her small patch of hair above her pussy. Now Jon had never seen a black woman naked and he was enjoying every moment of it.

Candice’s dark skin, curvy hips, and juicy ass were the hallmarks of a true black woman. Jon looked at her pussy after she sat down and saw that she had a pair of big pussy lips covering a wet pink pussy. Jon enjoyed eating his wife’s pussy sometimes even more than giving a blowjob.

So there sat the two naked and horny couples in the living room of the hut. Candice got up and moved next to Grace and started playing with her big breast because she wanted to feel that they didn’t have a pair. Drew watched as his wife squeezed Grace’s breasts as he stroked her cock.

Jon found himself playing with his cock as he watched his wife with this other woman, as he knew kissing her and running his hands up and down Candice’s body. After a few seconds, Grace took her tongue out of Candice’s mouth and turned to Drew telling him she just needed to feel his cock. She crawled onto Candice’s lap leaving your ass there and her wet pussy dripping onto Candice’s. Jon moved into the closet not knowing what to do or how far he would go.

Grace wrapped her hand around Drew’s monster cock as best she could and spat on it before running her hand up and down. For none of them did this before they all entered into it; Candice spread Grace’s ass and Jon slipped a finger through her wet pussy and gave it to Candice to suck. Jon then leaned down and kissed someone else for the first time since he was with Grace, at the same time Grace took the first cock besides Jon’s in her mouth.

Only Grace could reach the curve of her mouth; Candice broke the kiss with Jon and turned to Grace telling her that with a little work she would get more. She then told Jon that her husband had talked about how he wanted to be with a white woman. Jon looked at Drew and told him he could do whatever Grace let him do because he was going to take a part of his wife. Drew smiled at Jon and turned his attention back to Grace who was trying to get more of his cock in her mouth.

Jon moved Candice to the side and spread her legs wide before plunging into her wet pussy; it was sweeter than his wife’s and he could not get enough of it. Candice ran her fingers through his hair as he brought her to a very quick orgasm and told her how she had wanted Drew to do this to her since they met but he wasn’t going to give her that much long oral. Jon continued to lick his pussy as his wife came over to Drew.

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Grace lined up Drew’s huge cock with her pussy and sat on top of it, placing it in her tight pussy. With an “OH MY GOD” she let out how big his cock was and how much it filled her pussy. Hearing this, Jon pulled Candice’s pussy to see his wife riding her first black cock and seeing his cock covered in her pussy juices.

He was feeling a little down right now, but Candice pulled him back and told him that having a big cock was only half of being a great lover, and as a pussy eater she was going to switch between him and Drew again and again to have them both. Jon went back to sucking her big pussy lips and licking her juices as she came again.

Candice pushed Jon away and told everyone they needed to move to the bed for more fun.

With that, they made their way over to one of the beds, and Drew and Candice both lay on their backs kissing as Grace got on top of Drew and Jon got between Candice’s legs. Jon lined up his cock and began to pull Candice while his wife remounted Drew and continued to treat his big cock. She leaned forward and began kissing Candice as Jon watched Drew’s cock slide in and out of his wife’s pussy. He started rubbing his hand up and down her back as Drew had two hands full of her ass.

The smell and sounds of sex were in the air as the two couples took each other and both women began to cum together. În timp ce Jon își freca spatele soției sale, mâna lui mergea mai departe, iar tatăl cobora până acolo unde atingea ușor penisul lui Drew, în timp ce era dracului de păsărica lui Grace. Then Drew’s cock came out of Grace and Jon’s hand was going down her back.

Jon found himself holding Drew’s monster cock covered in his wife’s pussy juice. In the heat of it all, the feel of the other men’s cock in his hand and its size was too much for him. Some deep thoughts came to him from when Jon was a little kid masturbating in his room and how he would think about what another guy’s cock would feel like. So there, with Drew’s cock in his hand, Jon began to stroke a bit before returning it to his wife’s pussy. Just before she gave it to him, she heard Drew moan from Jon jerking his cock.

Drew had never been with a guy before or had group sex, but this all felt really good and he knew that whatever happened was going to be a great blowout. Jon was about to cum and moaned that he was about to. Candice told him to pull it, she wanted to taste this load.

Jon pulled out and before he could get his hands on him, Drew grabbed him and began to turn his aroma and jerked Jon into cumming. Being the way everyone was and how Jon was able to ejaculate a lot at once; he threw his load and it landed on Candice’s face and hit Grace in the side of her breasts.

Drew jerked Jon’s cock by cumming and in doing so hit himself in the face with a big shot of cum. It landed right on his lips and he knew there was no way to avoid it, so he opened his mouth and let Jon’s cum fall into his mouth.

Now, Drew never tasted his own cum and when he had the chance to cum in his wife’s mouth, she always told him it was a little saltier. Jon’s cum was both warm and salty, but he kind of liked it. Grace took Drew’s hand and cleaned the cum off her and helped Candice with all the cum that was on her body. When he did that, Drew’s cock popped out again and Jon noticed it again. Jon not wanting to waste a moment on this now trying something he thought of as a small child lowered his head and opened his mouth.

Jon took Drew’s pussy juice-covered cock in his mouth and since Jon had a bigger mouth than his wife; he entered more than into it. Candice had rolled over by now and was sucking Jon’s cock with his wife while Jon was sucking Drew’s. With all the misery and now sucking, Drew cried out that he was about to cum and Grace put her hand on the back of her husband’s neck and told him she would like that. Grace was a whore and couldn’t get enough of Jon, even though Jon could cum a lot.

So with her hand holding Jon back, Drew blew her load into Jon’s mouth and it was a good-sized load to give. Jon jerked Drew’s cock for the last seed and pulled his cock. Grace gave Jon a deep kiss, sucking some of his cum out of his mouth before Candice gave Jon one too and received some cum. Jon swallowed the rest to taste his first cum.

Jon turned Candice over and put his still hard cock in her pussy and began to pull her again. Meanwhile, Grace was sucking Drew’s cock and it was hard again; Candice turned to her husband and asked him why he never gets hard for her anymore, but a white girl with big breasts is giving him a hard time.

She laughed and continued to take him with Jon; Grace told Drew to move up so his cock was in front of Candice and then she came up facing her. She slid up and down the huge cock and pulled Candice’s face into her pussy to lick as she pulled her husband.

Candice started licking her pussy, cock, and balls in front of her while Jon fucked her from behind. Jon then pulled all the way in and pushed his cock into Candice’s ass. Candice cried out as he entered her virgin ass because she never let Drew pull her in there with his cock. She was tight, and now Jon felt good to pull her ass, just as Drew felt the damn her wife’s pussy and was tight for him.

The pain was a little overwhelming for Candice, but the feeling of having a cock in her ass for the first time got better and better as Jon did it. Candice was licking Grace’s pussy while she was making her own as Jon pulled her ass and came again. This time it sprays a wave of pussy juice that covered the bed.

Drew asked Candice now that she had fucked Jon if she could treat him later. Candice told her she didn’t know about it yet, but Grace said she could pull her ass now if she wanted to. Grace got off Drew and got on her hands and knees at Candice’s side in front of Jon. Jon looked like Grace and asked her if she should because an ass is different than a pussy and something that big could stretch her ass for good.

Grace said she was horny as hell and she wanted that big cock in her ass now. Drew did just that and pushed his cock; Grace, eyes closed and mouth wide open, tried to hold back tears as Drew pulled out his cock and tried to push it back. Grace’s ass relaxes and can handle the monster’s cock.

Drew began pushing his cock in and pulling out; he made a pass and the look on Grace’s face was priceless because of how big his cock was. Drew pulled harder and harder as Jon began to take Candice harder and faster. With the two women side by side, the boys pulled them as hard as they could. The women were both full of tears when their bottoms were taken; Grace with a huge black cock and Candice de Jon whose paste was twice as fast as Drew’s.

What Jon lacks in size, he makes up for in speed as he fucks Candice faster and harder than fruit has ever been. This made Candice play again and again and she loved it. Jon pulled his cock out to see the hole he was making just to turn his cock around and fuck her some more. Candice was losing count of how many times Jon made her cum and Jon was about to cum too.

Jon blew a load deep into her ass and continued to sit hard and pull her ass harder. Grace also played, but not as often as Candice; the feeling of this monster cock inside her was great too. She pushed back on Drew’s cock and he blew his load deep into her. Drew was soft for the first few pumps after he came and laid down on the bed to rest. Jon continued to pull Candice who came again, then he pulled his cock off her and turned her around.

He put his cock in his mouth and started to treat her face with everything he had. He came again filling her mouth and told her to keep it in her mouth for a moment.

He moved to Grace and pulled her mouth and entered her too; she told them to swallow their cum together as she stroked her cock just to cum one last time and shot it over Drew’s soft cock. He told the women to clean Drew’s cock while he sat on the couch and then watched as they took turns sucking Drew’s cock before they both came over to clean his too.

As they all sat in the living room, the girls tried to get up to get more wine, but both had trouble walking due to the crap they got up their asses.

Jon turned to Drew and said if this happens on the second night here, what will follow from the rest of the days here. They all smiled at each other and relaxed before falling asleep with Candice laying on top of Jon and Grace stroking Drew’s cock with her head in her lap.

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