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Oranum.com has a nice enough set of perks and benefits that it’s difficult to find real fault with the service. I mean, sure, we could get into a whole philosophical conversation about whether or not this is real or just bullshit, but you’ve probably already made up your mind about that.

Oranum’s kind of an unusual site, at least from the perspective of a guy used to reviewing the world’s filthiest pornography. I spent my whole morning poking around the site, and I didn’t see a single hardcore anal scene or even so much as a stray nipple. It just isn’t that kind of place. If you’re looking for something to crank off to, you’ll do better with almost anything else I’ve ever reviewed here at MikaKnows. 

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This one straddles some funny lines: you may be able to get some relationship advice, but you won’t find somebody to hook up with; you may chat with a pretty lady over webcam, but she’ll be wearing clothes and won’t be talking dirty; you may have your financial future foretold, but these aren’t financial advisors. At least, not in the traditional, modern sense of the term.

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