Become an 10 expert in the art of seduction by understanding the psychology of the fair sex

For some couples a mundane habit, but for others an activity worthy of the rank of ritual, sex has captivated the imagination of people in cultures around the globe since ancient times. Whether it is the queens of antiquity, who were revered and satisfied like goddesses, or the ladies and courtesans of the Renaissance, and then the modern, strong, and independent women of today, considerable attention has always been devoted to art, and in the same time.

Time for science, to seduce and please beautiful ladies in men’s lives. If in the case of men it is said that love passes through the stomach, for the representatives of the fair sex the matter is a bit more complicated. Always eager for love and attention, women deserve every effort to be satisfied both emotionally and sexually.

1. How to satisfy a woman – Foreplay as a key element in love

Although often neglected, either due to lack of experience or the rush to jump right into the action, foreplay is the first truly essential condition for a successful love match. Spend time forming an emotional and physical connection that will surely lead to an explosion of attraction and pleasure between you and your partner. A game of groping and seduction, foreplay gives you the opportunity to understand what makes your partner tick and give her touches and kisses that will take her to the heights of pleasure.

Understanding the partner’s intimate desires

What must be kept in mind from the beginning is the fact that the sexual act must work to relax and bring pleasure to both partners. Consequently, both men and women must keep their senses sharp, observe and intuit what arouses pleasure and exaltation in the other. An absolutely necessary first step is communication. Without clear communication of desires and fantasies in bed, couples risk putting themselves in awkward moments that can spoil a love match.

To start the act of love right, show your partner that you listen to her wishes and surprise her with a new set of sexy lingerie or an intimate setting, wrapped in sweet perfumes and decor that will stimulate the imagination. Women love to feel put first by the men in their lives, so they will always appreciate the feeling that everything that happens in bed has them at the center, being treated like real queens who deserve to be pampered. Always a good idea, a massage will definitely heat up the atmosphere in the bedroom and create pure desire between partners.


The inclusion of the playful within the prelude

Nothing is sexier than good communication and understanding coming from both members of the couple. However, not only communication and respect are the values ​​that lay the foundations for an unforgettable night with your loved one. Maintaining a youthful spirit and mystery in the relationship is essential to creating undeniable chemistry and reaching levels of attraction that will fire the imaginations of the two. Surely, every woman has a more or less hidden fetish, waiting for a man determined and brave enough to discover it.

To guarantee a game of hot love, a playful spirit, of continuous “go and come” of seduction between partners, bringing different toys into the bedroom, and why not masks or handcuffs, can spice up the foreplay and ignite new fantasies in relationship. By approaching approaches in a playful manner, based on new roles and experiences, the imagination of the partner will be stimulated to the maximum, and the appetite for love will increase as the games and displays of affection are more creative.

Gradual intensification of pleasure for an unforgettable game

To guarantee an unforgettable experience, gradually increase the intensity and boldness of the actions in bed, when you feel that the foreplay has achieved its goal of creating a physical and emotional connection, and the love tension is already explosive. As is often the case in life, excess spoils, so indecisiveness and delay in communicating and initiating sexual activities can result in frustration, or even boredom.

Again, communication with your partner is key. Give your lover increasingly passionate kisses and initiate contact with her intimate areas, showing her as clearly as possible that she is the center of your universe and that you want to satisfy her at all costs. In the transition from foreplay to actual intercourse, don’t hesitate to use vibrators, oils or lubricants.

The purpose of intensifying pleasure is both to release some of the sexual energy accumulated during foreplay and to fuel new fantasies about what will happen in bed. The more a woman notices the increased attention and care of her partner, the more she will reciprocate in offering love and sensations like you have never experienced before.

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2. What women want in bed: love, not just sex

If some men forget the principles of mutual pleasure and the fact that at the basis of successful sex there is not only a physical attraction but also one of a psychological nature, women tend to have higher expectations from a love match and demand dedication complete from the partners. Certainly, attention and tenderness from men should not stop with the foreplay but continue throughout the entire sex game.

2.1. Stimulation of all erogenous zones

Although it may seem that sexual activity is limited only to the intimate areas, for a passionate love match it is necessary for the partners to know several sensitive areas of the human body, prone to arousal and which can contribute to reaching ecstasy. Kisses, caresses, and maybe even firmer hugs around the ears, neck, chest, and legs can bring on thrills of delight for the woman who lets herself be carried away by the connection with her partner.

Stimulating all these points, in a creative way, covering the whole body of the woman, leads to the creation of a completely unique experience, in which the senses of the two lovers will work in perfect harmony. I’m sure that, with time, the body parts that bring the woman in your life the most pleasure will become known to you. You just have to pay attention to her reactions and needs during sex parties.

2.2. Giving up inhibitions in favor of pleasure

The comfort that settles in relationships can lead gradually, and most of the time unconsciously, to the appearance of monotony in bed and to the decrease of sexual appetite of the partners. Certainly, this phenomenon is not desirable and can be easily avoided with a few small tricks. To keep your love affair spicy and always full of newness and mystery, explore and confidently use sex toys such as dildos, cock rings or vaginal balls.

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Partners should not be intimidated by the unknown, on the contrary, find in each other a confidant in exploring various sexual fantasies that they have surely always dreamed of. The image of your partner in the throes of ecstasy is a great aphrodisiac for anyone, so be open with each other about using toys that can improve your bedroom life through better physical and spiritual connection. Another key element that should not be neglected at all is the position approached during sex. Spice up lovemaking with bold positions that give you access to each other’s bodies in ways you never imagined before.

2.3. The partner’s orgasm as the goal of the intimate relationship

The moment of reaching nirvana during each sex match is the sensation that every man seeks from his partner during a physical connection. If in the case of men this sensation of ultimate exaltation is easier to achieve, the body and senses of the woman require special care and attention in the journey to orgasm. Therefore, you should not blame yourself if your girlfriend takes a little longer to climax, because this unproductive worry will affect your sexual performance.

Give her your best, the warmest kisses and stimuli of all kinds, but understand that the path to orgasm in women is somewhat more complicated and not always easy to intuit. However, by focusing on more erogenous zones and clitoral stimulation, the chances of your partner being carried to the heights of pleasure become ever greater, especially if you also use sexual stimulants.

So sex is much more than a purely physical activity. Carnal attraction and pleasure are often enhanced by a special spiritual chemistry, as well as various games and tricks you can do to keep your partner satisfied in the bedroom.

3. Frequently asked questions and answers about intercourse

1. What is consent and how is it expressed?

Consent is the explicit agreement, expressed in full knowledge and in the absence of any coercion, that partners give each other before and during any sexual act. It must be constant, and the receipt of the initial consent does not exclude its subsequent revocation by the partner.

2. What are erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are parts of the body that produce sexual arousal when touched or stimulated. According to research, the most sensitive such areas are the neck, forearm, vaginal edges and clitoris.

3. What is the clitoris and where is it located?

The clitoris is the most sensitive female erogenous zone and the main source of sexual pleasure in women. This is about the size of a pea and sits above the urethra.

4. What is and how to use the penis ring?

The penis ring is a beneficial sex toy for erection and delayed ejaculation, but it can also help to achieve female orgasm. The ring is positioned on the semi-erect penis, with the help of the lubricant suitable for the type of material of the ring and the condom used.

5. Is the condom absolutely necessary?

Protection and feeling safe are absolutely vital during a sex match. Since the condom not only protects against unwanted pregnancy, but also against sexually transmitted diseases and infections, its use is strongly recommended, especially when having sex with people whose medical history you do not know in detail.

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