Ass only, please

Hehehe! What times we lived in… My skin crawls when I remember that ass. I thank the Universe that I lived them, then I didn’t even understand how privileged I was, it seemed to me that everything was due to me, and only today when I see young people who don’t take their heads off their phones and live on Facebook, I understand what a life I had! I feel like crying from happiness and I would like my son to live at least half of what yours lived…

I would like for him to live his life, not mine, but at the same time I would be extremely happy for him to have experiences similar to mine and to enjoy as many women and parties as possible because, as I said before, the moments of the present never come back, unfortunately! In short, the day lost today never comes back! We cannot fight the passage of time…


Let’s come back! I was leaving wonderful Spain for some time, I was going to move temporarily to France, where we tried together with other boys to put together a new combination! I was flying in first class with a well-known airline and I was listening to music in headphones trying to get my thoughts in order. I felt watched and turned my head to the right, discovering that I was not mistaken. A red-haired, fiery-looking young lady is trying to get my attention:

-Hey, finally, you looked at me! I think you are very generous! he said laughing.

-Hey, you’re right, I am! How can I help you?

– I was thinking, if you don’t hurry, I have quite a lot of luggage, can you help me take them to the taxi?

-… yes, it’s ok, I’m not in such a hurry. I help you!

And the discussion continued, her name was Gilda, she was Hungarian, she had studied in Barcelona and was returning to Paris where her parents lived. They owned a small family business and were doing well, they had paid for her studies in the capital of Catalonia, hoping that their daughter would find a good path in life. Gilda was very well read and educated, the time in her company passed immediately. I landed in Paris and waited for her to get her “thousands” of bags, then I led her to the taxi. Big queue and like a gentleman you know me, I assisted her until the last bag found its place in the trunk.

-What can I say, I don’t know what I would have done without you! Thank you very much! Gilda spoke with a fantastic smile.

– Er, that’s…

– I have to reward myself, I don’t like being in debt; where do you live, or give me your phone number or email address…

– Ok, write down the email address! I answered her simply, not that I didn’t like the young lady, but I simply didn’t want to be distracted from what I was going to do. I thought that surely he will not write to me and I will go about my business in peace. We kissed on the cheek and parted in German.

The days passed quickly, I ran continuously, I bought my rent, I established my contacts, I talked to people, in a word, I went about my business. After a few days, much calmer, I sat down on a lounger on the terrace of the apartment on the 10th floor and started checking my emails. And… the surprise! Miss Gilda had written to me twice, impatient to pay her moral debt. Serious girl, what can I say! He had even left me his mobile number so that we could communicate more easily. And then I said to myself: the weekend is coming, why not? I called her and she answered me from the first in Spanish:

– Hello, Andrei! I thought you didn’t want to see me anymore!

– How did you know it was me?

– It’s my French number and only a few close friends have it! He had no one to be with! Tell me what you’re doing. how are you Did you find your home?

-Of course! I can handle it… How do we get you to give that coffee you owe?

– How direct you are! We set a time and meet somewhere in the center, I know some bars that must be “visited”! he answered me laughing.

pexels nguyen van minh vuong 8485574

And so, dressed casually, we walked from bar to bar for a few hours. I laughed like I hadn’t laughed in a long time, Gilda was loud, made jokes, laughed heartily, you couldn’t be bored for a moment! We drank all kinds of shots, cocktails, dry vodka, what else, at 1 am we were both drunk.

I love ass… hole

– Let’s go to the disco! she told me and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me along a side street. We entered a basement where two black bodyguards controlled us, then led us to a chic, exclusive club, I think. We continued to drink and dance, we laughed like crazy, I hadn’t felt this good in months! I think it was morning when we decided to leave. I was waiting for the taxi and the chilled Gilda wrapped her arms around me, resting her head on my chest. With a serious voice he whispered to me:

– You know… an evening like this… can only end in one way!

– Come on, amaze me!

-At your place!

We kissed madly on the taxi seat. My hand was walking on her slender legs, and when I reached the top, she moved them away instantly, like an invitation. She wasn’t wearing panties and I was able to explore with great pleasure her completely shaved pussy, with small labia and a clitoris eager to caress. Her moans made the taxi driver discreetly look at us in the mirror…

I almost lost my clothes in the elevator. He had removed my erect penis and was pawing me sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, kissing me non-stop. He stopped only to spit in his palm, so that it would slide better… In the hall we went wild; completely naked, we were rolling like crazy, wedged together, each trying to take the lead! When up, when down, we kiss, bite each other, trying to dominate. I defeated her… I felt her soft, how she left herself to my will…

I caught her erect nipples between my lips, I played with them a little while kneading her big tits. I went down licking her abdomen, which made her shudder and moan loudly. I didn’t stop until my tongue touched his raised lick, then my lips disappeared between my lips. I love to suck pussy lips! I like to play with them, caress them, lick them, suck them! I continued until Gilda raised her pelvis and pushed my head:

– Lick my ass! I like it there the most! Play as you want…

If I told you that I like to suck the labia, to do anilingus is the pleasure of life… I found her rosette “wonderful” (as we are still in French), impeccably waxed, a little open, but most importantly, eager to caress! I walked the tip of my tongue on the ribs, gently, blowing air from time to time; the rotocolas were driving her crazy… she moaned like a madwoman continuing to guide me:

– Yes, like this… mom, how can I feel your tongue, continue please, I want to have an orgasm, lick me like this!

I spread her buttocks as far as I could and looked: perfect, slightly parted, round, pink, big ribs, what else, a real pleasure! I closed my eyes and with my tongue I penetrated her slowly, a little at first, then I gained ground. Half of it had already entered and Gilda screamed that I thought she was fainting.

I penetrated her slowly, making her widen, and, with force, I pushed until I was all the way in! I could feel the ring on the back of my tongue and the lady had a squirt that wet my whole face! His whole body was shaking, his legs were moving uncontrollably, I couldn’t believe it…

– God, what an orgasm I had! I hope you weren’t scared of the jet! I love to be licked in the ass! And just so you know, I only want you to fuck me in the ass, I also like it in the pussy, but less, so I don’t want to waste time!

On my soul, miss! He got up, lit a cigarette and motioned for me to lie down on the couch. He caught my concrete cock in his palm and looking me in the eyes, he started to masturbate me. He spat on the dick and continued his movement. He put out the cigarette and without saying anything, he started to suck it while still looking at me. His tongue wandered naturally from top to bottom where he made a short stop sucking my balls in turn.

She moaned continuously and spoke as if to herself in Hungarian, I think. He climbed to the top, licked it all around and then took it between his lips, shy. I felt the tip of his tongue hanging on his head, he took it out a little, enough to spit it, then he put it on his throat, encouraging me to penetrate his oral cavity! That’s how I waited, I grabbed his head and started to move faster and faster. I was in my mouth and liked the maximum! He was moaning and his saliva was dripping, wetting me profusely.

The tightly pressed lips gave me extraordinary sensations! I stopped, without letting go, and looked her in the eyes: her face was full of spit as if she was in a trance. I pulled her over me, and she slowly fit his penis in her ass, struggling a little to get her head inside. And he entered… he sat down on the vine, moved slowly, slowly, to make room for him; she was tight, I love to be tight and to feel how she widens, how she gains ground, how she starts to feel it better and better, how she goes deep and how she starts to moan!

– Come on, fuck me with your tight rosette! Fuck me, I want to fuck you all the way, I want to open your ass!

My words drove her crazy. She screamed and let go more, pulled at my nipples, bent down to kiss me, turned around to put it all in. I spat in my palm and lubricated it; he stopped a little, took it out, and when he fitted it, he let himself down in it, screaming with pleasure! He stopped there, and performed some eights, which made the last centimeter go in! It was full!

On the way, with his palms resting on my chest, he started to move slowly… and he took it out more and more, and put it in, moaning nervously, all the way down! The pace increased with each movement; slowly, slowly, I felt that half of it came out, and in a short time it penetrated the entire length of the cock and faster and faster! That’s it, it had expanded and was moving freely! It was driving me crazy, I wasn’t moving at all, letting her enjoy being fucked in the ass.

– How come, Gilda! But you really like to fuck yourself in the ass! I strengthened it a little.

– Yes, I like to fuck my ass! I’m an ass whore! I can’t get enough of feeling my rosette full! I would fuck her in her ass for hours!

It had already expanded and was moving freely! Any trace of pain had disappeared, and pleasure had completely replaced it. I felt the need to dominate her! Without announcing her, I pushed her on the bed, on her back; I spread her legs apart and fit her in the rosette. I moved slowly twice, just to be sure that it entered, then I pushed with force until the end!

pexels antonio friedemann 5963120

– Wow, that’s exactly what I want, to fuck my ass like a whore, without mercy!

We entered everything, from the tip to the base and watched with pleasure the ring mold on my erect member, how it widens with each penetration and how it struggles to encompass me. Gilda, with her eyes closed, moves her head from left to right, uttering indistinct words.

She pulled me harder after each penetration, wanting to show me that she was leading and that she was not afraid. I pushed forward with force and increased the pace as much as I could! The an incredible woman! She received me without any problems!

I stopped and pulled her head, letting her know that I want her to suck me! It rushed and swallowed me all at once. He sucked me passionately and stopped only to tell me what a nice dick I have and how much he wants it in his ass. I put it in him again and after a short gallop, I gave him another suck.

The ass to mouth sessions continued, me being a big fan! I was ecstatic! I felt that the end was coming; I placed the goat on the edge of the bed (my pleasure) and spread the lumps with my palms: the ring was tight at the beginning, it had widened considerably, you looked quietly inside, it was the size of a spray:

-You kind of like to see how it got bigger, don’t you?

– Yes, I like to see this “creepy” gag of yours to the max!

– Come on, put it on me as the finale, without mercy!

I didn’t let myself be asked! I spat before (another pleasure of mine), not that there was a need, just like that, the spit! It entered her easily and I started to fuck her determined to see how long she could last. I was holding her tight to the pieces, separating them as much as possible and I penetrated her without stopping at the highest speed I was capable of! I was going in and out at the maximum and the rosette had become an open circle that welcomed me unconditionally!

He was resting his head on the mattress and was mumbling something intelligible while rubbing his penis hard; I don’t know how long I fucked her, but I know that after a long time all my muscles tensed, my bones tightened and I felt an unprecedented tension rising from below! I squeezed it even harder and took the pace to heights I didn’t think I was capable of. Feeling me, Gilda strengthened me:

-So, now fill me, you widened my ass as you wanted, you made me an ass whore! Let yourself go in my wide gap!

I screamed like an animal when the first stream of sperm entered her ass! I moved until I completely freed myself, together with her, making her wet half of the couch! I put all my weight on her, with my dick deep in her ass!

In the end, France looked promising! I had solved things, I had found a woman eager for deep penetrations, all in all, it was good!

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